What It's Like to Have Sexsomnia

nb 993
New Balance's U.S.-Made 993s Should Be the Foundation of Your Sneaker Rotation

Day in and day out, you'll have a hard time finding a reason not to reach for them.

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grooming guide

marcello mastroianni
In Defense of the Bath

It's relaxing. It's good for you. And if you've been avoiding one just because you think you won't like it, you're dead wrong.

best deodorant for me
The 15 Best Deodorants to Keep You Smelling Fresh

Sweating is fine. Stinking is not.

best sunscreen for men
The 15 Best Sunscreens to Wear Every Day

Don't forget that SPF, folks.

beard oil
Your Beard Needs Oil. Here’s What to Get.

If you aren't using beard oil, consider this an official notice.

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the cover story

The Charm (and Grit) of Tom Holland
Can your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man convince audiences he’s a heroin-addicted bank robber? To his mum’s horror, the answer is yes…
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The Boundless Optimism of BTS

The biggest band in the world has ascended to the peak of pop, redefined fame, and challenged traditional masculinity.

David Byrne, Spike Lee, and Some Wisdom For Right

The seasoned iconoclasts tell us how they’re getting by—and how we might, too.

The Weeknd: A Pop Star for the Demon Hours

Even as he enters a new phase of who 'The Weeknd' is, Abel Tesfaye remains the modern bard of our most fucked-up times.

The Untold Story of John David Washington

He isn’t just “Denzel’s son.” He’s Spike Lee’s leading man. He’s Christopher Nolan’s action hero. He’s John. David. Washington.

earth polo
Ralph Lauren's Earth Polo Is Back—and Better Than Ever

Each shirt is made from about 12 plastic bottles and dyed using an entirely waterless process.

The Endorsement

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Hoka Sneakers Are the Only Shoes I Wore This Year
Mar 31, 2021
Everlane's Oxford Is an All-Seasons Star
Mar 10, 2021
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Nice Laundry's Lounge Shorts Are Just That—Nice
Mar 17, 2021
Timberland's 3-Eye Lug Shoe Is the Perfect Stomper
Mar 3, 2021
Grenson's Bold, Beefed-Up Oxfords Are the Answer to Boring Footwear Fatigue

Stop reaching for those thrashed sneakers and make it a triple (welt, that is).

The 2021 Esquire Home Design Awards

The 40 coolest items for your home, from the kitchen, to the office, to the living room and everywhere in between.

Mar 1, 2021